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South Georgia Whaler's Tokens 
Please help us locate some for the museum in Grytviken!
Ornate monogrammed aluminum token of the Compania Argentina de Pesca whaling enterprise, used on South Georgia 1908-1914. Denominations are 5 Kroner, 1 Krone, 50 Ore, and 10 Ore and each has C. Y AF. ROSSI signature in tiny letters. 


A set of South Georgia whaler's tokens

bullet Adelie penguin & chickAlaskan token collector Dick Hanscom has written an informative article in Coin News, September 1991, "The Whaling Company Tokens of South Georgia Island". E-mail Dick about Alaskan and polar tokens at You can ask Dick about the publication Alaskan Token Collector & Polar Numismatist.
bullet World Coin News, May 9, 1994, features an article by David Thompson about the "monkey money" of South Georgia. This article outlines the history of Carl Larsen's whaling enterprises. 
bullet The 50 ore token shown above is owned by Bob Lyall, who provided us with these lovely scans. Bob has done much  interesting research into these tokens and proudly owns two. He has written an article for the Alaskan Token Collector & Polar Numismatist "Tokens of the Globe Hotel, Stanley, Falkland Islands".
bullet Phil "FalkPhil" Middleton at Falkland Collectibles, Inc., offers stamps and coins and information about the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.
bullet Russell Rulau's book Latin American Tokens shows the round 5 kroner token. 

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